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The Real Power of Internet of Things

Sogeti Labs
February 16, 2016

The speed of the internet is running closely to the speed of light. The Internet of Things can make our environment smarter, but there is one bottleneck, human. They will break the speed in the middle of a scenario. Humans tend to configure alerts and act based on this alerts. That creates unwanted bottlenecks in the Internet of Things scenario. It’s like stopping the speed of light and releasing it when the configuring part is done. Why don’t we trust our machines, they have all the data and the capabilities to act like we do, and better.



Internet of Things scenarios today are built with a dashboard-first strategy. We start at the device and create a process where the data will be visible at a dashboard. The dashboard is like a first stop, a breather. This is nowadays the point where the data surfaces. Currently, when the data is visible on the dashboard, we stop the process and start thinking about the continuation.

It’s time to throw all these dashboards away and think about the real power of Internet of Things. Keep it at full speed, warp speed. Our sensors and smart things can directly act without the input of users with a keyboard or a screen.

Trust the machine!

Machines have to grow up, like Arnd Brugman says! Maybe it’s our own fault that we keep the machines like little babies with our huge desire for infinite control. Our trust in machines must grow, like the capabilities of the machines itself. Things have to go wrong before the machines will learn and we have to educate the machines with that in mind.

Stop interrupting the process

We are so devoted to our interface that we can’t live without it. But it’s time to say goodbye, it’s time for the real Internet of Things, at lightning speed. Our new devices don’t need to be equipped with a screen. The machines will find your agenda, your shopping list and your taste. With the real Internet of Things you won’t have to tell these little facts to the machine, because they already know it. So step away human and let the machines make your life much more easy!

About the author

SogetiLabs gathers distinguished technology leaders from around the Sogeti world. It is an initiative explaining not how IT works, but what IT means for business.


    5 thoughts on “The Real Power of Internet of Things

    1. Hi,
      What you said above might be true, but I have question hope you could find to time to answer.
      My shopping list is fairly easy for machine to understand but how will it understand new trends coming into market I might end up wearing same color/pattern/design/brand/size etc shirts or same food or watching similar kind of program for my life and never experience anything new, I will be out dated, monotonous, bored and there will lots of business loss specially to new business.
      How will these be addressed, I may not have understood your article clearly just guessing what would happen when you remove the human interface.
      PS: Will all this lead to a machine apocalypse (Terminator series)

    2. You are getting too far in your imaginations and predictions. I wll never give up the power to control the machine. This is not going to happen. I am human and this means I rule here, not the machines, not the algorithms behind them. When they are making good work – then I’m giving green light for them to proceed. But when they are failing – I’m in command, cutting the power off and changing to manual mode.
      Besides – it is not independend machines we are talking about here. Behind the algorithm there are other people standing. So it is not man vs machine, but new-style man vs man.

    3. Yes but… if you let the machines govern your life, you might also open the way for the hackers to govern your life!
      So before giving up control, you should have a real good cybersecurity posture – by design, which is currently not the case with IoT systems.

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