Please, grow up.

2SamsungMy wife is running up the stairs, yelling: “Yes, yes, I am on my way!” She is clearly completely ignored as the washing machine beeps out again that its cycle is done. It doesn’t only seem it didn’t hear her, it’s still blind and deaf as it was the day it was invented. There is absolutely no improvement in naturally dealing with these machines. All my wife has to do is take out the laundry and put it in the dryer that is standing right besides the washing machine and wait for that one to cry out when it is done. Such babies they are…

By now my car says that the interval for servicing has ended, and it says that every time I start the car. It doesn’t know that the appointment is already made and in my schedule… Even my car-accompanying App now reminds me that it is time for service. Even stranger as the App is on the same device as my schedule that contains the appointment. It would be okay if the App knew, it would be even better if it would schedule the appointment by itself!

A couple of years ago I regularly gave the example that navigation software would ask me where I needed to go while it was also running on my smartphone holding my schedule. That wasn’t what I expected at that time. That’s fixed these days: It’s a digital delight that my phone reminds me when it is time to leave for my next appointment, it even includes the impact of the traffic situation en-route. It understands what I want to do next. Although it is a bit of a juvenile solution, it works; its valuable and I love it!

With all the conversations we have these days about connected smartness I see the improvements; Slowly, but steadily. I am just so impatient. So pretty please, with sugar on top, grow up fast. I need more digital delights from my connected smartness. Come on. Can I help? I’m waiting.

Arnd Brugman


Creative business technology management consultant with a major drive and passion for people value. Innovator with broad business and technology knowledge based on twenty years of experience in IT and fourteen years of management.

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