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Webinar: Rise to DevOps – pitfalls and practices from the field

Edwin van der Thiel
May 27, 2019

As DevOps practices are becoming more popular, a question that keeps popping up is that: what is DevOps truly and how to make the transition. Like with any transition there are definite pitfalls and best practices. In this webinar, we will go through the main patterns to look for when going for a successful transition, illustrated with personal experience.

About the author

Technology Consultant Microsoft
Ever since his childhood, Edwin has had a broad interest in technology, especially in its application. For this reason, he chose to study AI, a more practical application of logic and math. For Edwin, after university in 2004, the world didn’t quite seem ready to adopt AI practices in everyday life, and as many of his colleagues, he also switched. In his case, his interest went to the field of sys


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