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DevOps with People, Process, and Tools

Sogeti Labs
August 15, 2022

DevOps with people/process/Tools is marching forward. If an organization wants to reap the benefits that come with DevOps (speed, agility, resilience) it needs to focus on People-Process-Tools/Platform. Let’s explore the 3 pillars of DevOps and see how they can provide value to our projects.


DevOps always revolved around a group of people at its center. Even enterprise follows various terminology like Global teams, Agile DevOps teams, and cross-functional teams to do the major heavy lifting of their job of Development and Operations. Going forward, these teams need to refine their shelf and their effort depending on context and objectives/KPIs. All the way the purpose is to move away from silos to agile teams. At the same time, it is important to acknowledge that leadership has no one-on-one mapping with the reporting lines. We are living in a world where attracting top talent is a tough job, same time organizations that invest in their people to train, and re-train the right mindset will build a great culture, and DevOps teams that fail to do so will be left behind.


With rising of DevOps evolution, various practice replaces by the process. Repeatable jobs are automated, forcing employees to think beyond and think irregularly, be focus-oriented, and concentrate on jobs that only humans can do. There are instances like Security, risk management is already taken care of by shifting left and mitigating risk from the very beginning rather than the end of the project or Sprint. Also, process automation plays a crucial role by automating all manual intervention by AI/Machine learning algorithms. The automation and AI world are getting better/more accurate day by day, thus taking more focus rather than human reliability on systems. The future high-performing organization will replace the manual systems with a seamless machine-based change management system labeling it as a DevOps organization. Site reliability engineers in these contexts already got a lot of traction and marked them shelf as DevOps practice teams, with more focused and driven by real KPIs, high-performing organizations may want to invest more and more in this field.


The intention of DevOps is not to reduce the technology but rather to go deep in using the technology efficiently. DevOps platforms are putting their roots in continuous delivery/ continuous delivery (CI/CD) and release automation platforms and came up with DevOps products. The product provides end-to-end support for various deployment platforms (Windows/Linux/Containers/Legacy/Serverless) and utilizes the best suiting tools fitting for the job need. High-performing teams are standardizing their DevOps pipeline using next-generation tools and achieving the best result by employing the machine. DevOps also expanding its wings by trying to rapidly adopt the low code-no code apps and citizen developers, similarly penetrating into AI and Machine Learning(ML) that DevOps tools can support.

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