Presentation: Test Data Management Bottlenecks


Multiple trends are pushing Test Data Management. So we have to change and adapt the way we work with test data.

This presentation gives a short introduction to the topic.

We first describe the trends that are affecting Test Data Management.

Then we focus on different dimensions influencing how we best do Test Data Management. And we take a look at the decisions you need to take in the process.

Finally, we reveal the first draft framework for a Test Data Management Maturity Model and the associated maturity assessment tool.

This draft framework is not even close to being complete. So if you want to contribute, I encourage you to contact me.

Download the presentation here.

Erik Haahr


Erik Haahr has been a Managing Consultant at Capgemini Sogeti Denmark since 2015. In this role, he is improving local service offering descriptions, participating in pre-sales activities, mentoring graduates, and consulting with customers.

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