Presentation Alka Roy – The Metamorphosis towards Responsible Innovation


At our Executive Summit in Dublin 12 thought leaders shared their perspectives on the theme of Metamorphosis*. We recorded the best sessions to share with you. This week it’s Alka Roy’s story: Roy is a Bay Area innovator and founder of Responsible Innovation Labs helping leaders make awesome and people-centered organizations, products, and tech. She’s also an investor and leader who has built and launched over 100+ Wireless, Cloud & Conversational AI products. From a tech side you can definitely say she’s made her hands dirty. Alka has testified with the US AI Commision, is on the 100 Brilliant Women in AI & Ethics List and lectured at the University of Berkeley and Linux Foundation on 5G, AI & Data Science. Two questions preoccupy her: How are we designing our future? And how is that design, designing us?

Alka will walk through what is broken in our current game of innovation and leadership. And what our world would look like if we changed the rules of the game and organized it in a way that builds awesome teams, products and technology.

*About the theme ‘Metamorphosis’For many of us, life seems to have been on hold for nearly two years. The pandemic has forced organizations to rethink every aspect of their business, embracing a new level of creativity to adapt to this new world.

With this, we should not be surprised that some organizations will emerge from this crisis stronger, more agile, more creative, and more resilient than ever before. It is similar to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar transforming into a fluttering butterfly: change can bring a beautiful, new beginning.

What lessons has the crisis taught us?

What are the prerequisites for success in the post-pandemic era?

How is technology enabling this reinvention?

Thijs Pepping


Thijs Pepping is a humanistic trend analyst in the field of new technologies. He is part of the think tank within SogetiLabs and in his work he continuously wonders and analyses what the impact of New Technologies is on our lives, organizations and society. He specialized in Humanistic Counselling and Education at the University of Humanistics in Utrecht and worked for five years with autistic children. His background in psychology and philosophy drives him to find meaningful answers to business related questions and to provoke whenever necessary. He is co-author of multiple publications on the impact of new technologies, such as ‘The FrankensteinFactor’, ‘AI First – Learning from the machine’, and ‘The Pursuit of Digital Happiness’ series. See for his previous and current work. VINT provides practical insight into the likely impact and innovative applications of new technologies for organizations worldwide. This valuable intelligence helps public and private sector enterprises to anticipate and plan for the complex dynamics of the future. The use of new technological developments is aimed at generating value that anticipates future developments.

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