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PMO is often a misunderstood expertise. PMO is a business expertise which can create high value in every organization, company or institution, whether we are talking about Portfolio, Program and Project Management, or even Operations. In this article, the writers want to share their belief in PMO and their vision  in this field of expertise, a vision which we can translate into concrete and direct business value for your organization to realize your business goals.

If you are searching for an article which sums up all kinds of PMO advantages, search again. What we are sharing in this article is the reason why we think PMO is an indispensable role, an indispensable expertise in every change and run organization. The bottom line we believe in when talking about PMO is that: “PMO facilitates in achieving your business strategy”.

Facilitating in achieving your business strategy? What does the field of PMO expertise have to do with business strategy? According the Cambridge Business English Dictionary, business strategy means: “A detailed plan for achieving success in one part or all parts of a business: A key part of their business strategy has been to keep abreast of their customers’ evolving tastes.” And that is exactly where PMO can deliver its true value! We believe that PMO expertise is part of the core of organizations. Let us first explain how we deliver direct value to your business strategy.

In delivering this core value to our clients there are three key elements where a PMO is realizing its value. These three key elements are PMO drivers, PMO as a service, and field of expertise.”


When we take a closer look, these three key elements we use to deliver value are divided into a number of sub elements which we will discuss below.

  1. PMO Drivers

We believe a PMO will reach its true potential if there is a balanced input of three drivers. The PMO Drivers consist of:

  • People: Everyone involved in achieving the goals. Make the communciation lines clear and as direct as possible and coach and educate them. Make sure everyone is equipped for their tasks.
  • Processes: Standardized and well-thought processes make the highways of the organizations.
  • Tools: Where processes are the highways. Tools provide the appropriate cars to conquer them.

In order to gain value, PMO aligns, educates, and facilitates these three components. Working together they result in high value and efficiency for the way of executing the strategy.

  1. PMO as a Service

We believe there is a vast amount of experience in PMO. What we deliver consists of solutions –  stacks of services aligned together to create the best possible results. Due to the large field of expertise, these stacks can be combined together according to the wishes of the organization. In order to really deliver the value of our belief ”PMO facilitates in achieving your business strategy,” we have four elements we are using to determine what kind of service that you need:

  • Get familiar: First of all, we would like to get familiar with your business strategy.
  • 0 – measurement: Secondly we would like to determine where you are at this moment in time.
  • Set-up a PMO that serves your needs: As a third element, we can advise you on how you on how to set up your PMO in the best possible way to reach your business strategy.
  • Continuous improvement: As a forth element, we believe that continuous measurement after the PMO is in run phase is needed to optimize and improve the way to facilitate your business strategy.
  1. Field of expertise

Where PMO can be positioned in many places in the organization, we believe in three fields of expertise:

  • Continuous Improvement: This is the basis of PMO. We believe PMO is constantly focused on learning from the present to improve in the future. This clearly shows in our focus on knowledge management for our three drivers.
  • Portfolio: By believing in facilitating strategic goals, the portfolio is the first place to start. Look at what activities deliver the best value for the strategy, beforehand in planning, afterwards in benefits management.
  • Delivery: We believe that setting out the right actions must be followed by performing these actions in the best way possible, the way that drives the best results for the organization.


All these summed up elements are serving one single goal: to advise, implement, and run a PMO. The result of this PMO is, for example, to create consistent reports of high quality where business decisions can be taken, and can be used to see why, what kind of decision is taken, and how it works out. Al this together makes sure you are doing the right actions and doing them right! That’s how we facilitate in implementing your strategic goals.

This article is a joint effort of Sogeti Labs members Sandra Rijswijk & Rick Bouter.

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  1. Wouter Teijema January 11, 2015 Reply

    Ha Sandra, iI have been a.o. staff and head of PMO in several 25 Mio+ projects in financial services.

    Also created as a very effective way to monitor and manage towards results.

    Perhaps an idea to meet and share experiences? Rgds Wouter

    • Sandra Rijswijk January 27, 2015 Reply

      Hi Wouter,

      Thank you for your comment.
      It would be very nice to meet up and share experiences.
      I’ll send you an message through linked-in.

      Regards, Sandra