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Pitch: How a World of Smart, Connected Things is Transforming Manufacturers

Sogeti Labs
April 10, 2014

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-09 om 10.11.061. Capabilities of Connected Things: – Personalize/Customize: Products can be efficiently tailored by the end user or manufacturer before or after a product is sold. – Monitor Condition/Operation: Products can assess their own condition, performance, and the operator’s inputs and status. – Monitor Environment: Products can assess the external environment through sensors and data sources. – Remote Control: Products can be operated remotely in real time. – Service/Upgrade: Products can be serviced, upgraded and enhanced instantly and from anywhere. – Autonomous: Products are capable of self-operating, learning, updating, and correcting by analyzing real-time data. 2. Impact of Connected “Things” on Manufacturers: – Value is Shifting from Hardware to Software. – Value is Shifting from Product to Cloud. – Value is Shifting from Product to Service. 3. The Response: – Transform How Products are Created. – Transform How Products are Serviced. – Transform Business Models. 4. The 7 Forces of Transformation: – Digitization – Globalization – Regulation – Personalization – Software-Intensive Products – Servitization – Connectivity Source: PTC 2014 

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