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Accelerate your Connected Car Journey with Sogeti’s Quality Engineering

Narendra Vaishampayan
May 29, 2023

McKinsey survey indicates that 37% customers are ready to switch car brand for better features and this is forcing car manufacturers to add multiple features and enhance experience for connected car. Projected growth rate CAGR for connected car is 19% for next few years which indicates that investment is flowing in. Priority for car manufacturing companies is to create a pleasant experience, ensure ease of driving & simplified operations for end users.

Thanks to EV and alternative fuels (Hydrogen) car hardware is bound to change. More and more features need to be made available to the end users. To enable new technicians for servicing, remote diagnosis in case of any fault, connected car is the most suitable option. Improvements in telecom connectivity and lower data rates are helping connected car eco system. Car manufacturers are adding features like self-diagnostic, ADAS, Self-Parking to autonomous driving.

Connected Car use cases are becoming popular across sectors:

  • Fleet monitoring: Speed vs speed limits, traffic conditions leading rerouting, digital taxis
  • Car Renting: Compliance monitoring, car location, car health monitoring  
  • Insurance: Teen car insurance or pay as you use insurance options
  • Car Financing: Car location and car health
  • Car Maintenance: Remote car diagnostic
  • Car Manufacturing: Car warranty, post sales updates
  • End Users: Remote operations, car diagnostics

These use cases are encouraging B2B corporates like Insurance, fleet management, car financing, car maintenance, car renting companies to use car data available on cloud or on digital twin. A 2021 report indicates that 237 Mn + connected cars in 2021 will reach to 400 Mn + Connected cars by 2025. I feel it may grow even faster. Car companies may monetize data.

Below diagram gives idea about connected car eco system.

At high level connected car eco system looks straightforward by connecting car to cloud to mobile app or other IT systems. When we do a deep drive, we realize how complex it is. The diversity of car hardware or mobile devices, multiple variants of IT systems or OT systems integrations are huge. On an average a car manufacturer has 150+ car variants on road. Single Model may have 5 variants. Single variant may have multiple hardware & firmware versions for in-car processors & control units. There are multiple Cloud providers, 4+ Telcos / country & various android or iOS mobile devices to complicate it further. Connectivity via GSM / Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is key for a successful connected car.

Connected car mobile applications are becoming popular. End customer feedback & experience is a priority. Ease of operations and simplicity of usage are of prime importance. Car manufacturers, fleet management, car financing, insurance, car renting companies are investing proactively in E2E quality engineering to ensure smooth experience, seamless operations of connected car.

E2E quality assurance needs environment, devices, scalable resources, physical cars, or simulators and due support from various stakeholders in connected car eco system. Quality assurance for connected car is extremely challenging due to multiple devices, telcos, IT systems, OT Systems, cloud, car availability, various stakeholders & scope of every stakeholder etc.  Unavailability of resources, time & lack of E2E Quality assurance leads to defects leaking into production. Identifying root case is extremely challenging due to multiple moving parts in the eco system.

At Sogeti, Capgemini we have come up with a unique approach with Customer Centric Quality Validation (CCQV) which supports all types of use cases in connected car landscape. We come up with benchmarking based on unstructured data from various logs or app ratings. We identify issues which are the most common. We derive actionable insights on factual data. We recommend quality engineering to cover these challenges by mapping customer problems to quality engineering priorities.

Let’s look at a real example. Recently we did an analysis for leading connected car app. Below graphs indicate insights from unstructured data.

We map these insights & customer voice with Quality engineering priorities. We do as is analysis and coverage assessment to ensure we are on right track. Below is mapping of customer voice with quality engineering priorities. One of the experts said that we have a customer advocate in our Quality assurance team. Results were very helpful to get insights into what quality engineering needs to focus on.

We provide strategic focus on security, performance, sustainability, and End to End quality engineering for your connected car. Periodic assessment with CCQV helps in identifying customers voice & improving overall Customer happiness index.

Do write me back to accelerate your Connected Car Journey with Sogeti’s Quality Engineering!!

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Narendra has excellent track record for 20+ years across Business development, Program management, Consulting roles. He has led large business transformation programs. He managed large teams across locations. Heading Presales team & GTM for Sogeti India QET Practice.


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