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Numerical Simulation: Mrs Irma’s legacy?

Sogeti Labs
July 05, 2013

FrankIn our everyday life, we always aim to find the right decision to rapidly reach our objectives. What is the relation with Numerical Simulation? Numerical Simulation for Wikipedia:” Thanks to an always increasing computing power and to the increase of the volume of storable data, it is possible to cut a complex phenomenon in thousands, even in millions, of simple phenomena and thus to calculate the results on the complex phenomenon”. The interest of such a technology is to allow reproducing the reality without inevitably resorting to a physical test of the complex phenomenon we wish to reproduce. This ability of reproduction is also transformed into capacity of prediction when we wish to develop the use of this complex phenomenon by multiplying the numbers of simulations. This technology thus allows driving at the same time a physical space (the reality) as well as a time-space (the future). When we know that Computer power and storable data are increasing year after year, to which future Numerical Simulation can carry our everyday life, our industry, our business… Numerical Simulation: the ball of crystal 2.0 of Mrs IRMA ?


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