New GitHub certifications for Azure partners


In this post, I want to raise awareness about the new GitHub certifications for Azure partners. Since I have gained the two below recently.

GitHub certifications for Azure partners

One key point to remember is that you can only gain these certifications if you work for an Azure partner. Which you can think of as a Microsoft partner that specializes in Azure.

In reality, I did the beta exams for these two certifications some time ago through my employer Sogeti. Who are part of the CapGemini group.

Even though I gained the Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert certification some time ago I wanted to do these exams as well. Because I use GitHub. Plus, it is not everyday that a Microsoft Data Platform professional gets the chance to do beta exams like these.

Hopefully me passing these exams will encourage other Microsoft Data Platform professionals to take them as well.

Anybody can read more about these exams on the the GitHub certification for Azure partners site. However, to be able to view the overview of the certifications you must be a logged onto your browser with an account which belongs to a company that is a Microsoft partner.

One question that I have been asked is about study material for these exams. I recommend a Microsoft site that contains GitHub learning material called Microsoft Learn for GitHub.

I learned a lot going through the material on that site. In fact, it is one of the reasons why I looked to improve my GitHub hygiene for Microsoft Data Platform repositories that I share.

You can also use the GitHub Docs site as extra study material. Plus, depending on your level of experience you might want to use other resources as well. For example, Pluralsight videos.

Final words about new GitHub certifications for Azure partners

I hope this post raises awareness about the new GitHub certifications for Azure partners. I am looking forward to seeing more people gain them.

Of course, if you have any queries or comments about this post feel free to leave a comment.

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