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Sogeti Labs
August 19, 2013

mojio-formula Connected objects are filling the information gabs these days. Information we have never had before is being realized by companies all over the world. Startups, funded by other companies or by crowdfunding like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Small connected products and services are here t. An example of such a small and connected device is is based in Vancouver, Canada and has realized a cool small connected product. is a product that you can plug in to your dashboard and uses the mobile network. This connected object is sending you all type of car information to you smartphone. you can locate, monitor and control your car from anywhere using your phone. How does work? “Using a built-in cellular radio, mojio connects your car to the Internet, your phone, and just about anything else you can imagine.” has been creating apps in the following areas already: – AutoText – FamilyConnect™ – DriveSmart™ – TowAlert – Vehicle Locate – Mileage Tracker – Virtual Mechanic – Good Driver Points

“ turns the car into a device that can be securely accessed over the internet,” said’s Chief Technology Officer, Narayan Sainaney. “We want to enable an entire ecosystem of developers and help their imagination become reality.” works in every car built after 1995.And costs $ 149.95

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