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Over time, there has been a very clear evolution in the relationship between technology and business. In a few years, this transformation has jumped from the technical topics to the reality and it has brought new rules to make business. But we should keep in mind that the biggest change doesn’t come from the new cool smartphone (or tablet). The real transformation comes from softwares. Today, everyone knows what an app or a market is. But society knows just a small part of all the software potential.

MarcAll of this new rules have brought new needs in business as well as in personal life. The big tech brands are giving answers to people. Just take a look at Windows 8. The Metro-style apps now known as Windows 8 style, Modern UI style, or Windows Store style apps, are very different from traditional desktop apps. The new Windows Runtime application architecture (Win RT) isn’t just a fresh coat of paint, it is very different from the Windows desktop we’re used to.

The first challenge that we find in this new environment, is the device diversity. We must let the applications live and move wherever we want. Today, we need to quickly extend applications with new capabilities and deploy it on multiple devices. Well known concepts as BYOD (Bring your Own Device) or Hybrid cloud are more than a reality and we need to adapt our current pool of applications to this new reality.

For that reason, we must think that our new apps will be consumed in several devices. So, responsive design is the way and HTML5 is the clue. This is what we call Modern Apps. Are you ready for Modern Apps?

Jose González highly contributed to this article.

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