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#IoTFriday E28 | Implantables

Sogeti Labs
April 20, 2018


From wearables at the work floor it is but a small step to look at implantables. This topic was handed to us by one of you viewers! Thanks for the idea. We look at what an implantable is and how it has a place in the IoT category.

The technological speed that is happening in the medical world around implantables is huge. New stuff is happening there and a great example is a tiny pacemaker attached directly to the heart, lasting for 10+ years. The step to consumer products is big. Battery life for simple implantables is simply too short.

We look at the case where a fitness tracker can implanted in your foot. Communication done through optics. Charging of the implantable in your foot can be done with a shoe (just like EarPods are charged inside their case). Maybe a shoe can contain a mechanism that charges the foot implantable while running or walking. In this case we can add connectivity like bluetooth to an implantable and still keep on using it more then a couple of months.

Implantables are IoT devices but it needs some time to become a mainstream consumer product.

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