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I don’t want the Medium to be the Message!

Sogeti Labs
June 12, 2015

One thought on “I don’t want the Medium to be the Message!

  1. How about an app that starts with your phone’s “phonebook” and the app just knows which platform to use to send messages and write it on whatever appears. So instead of trying to kill all other messaging platforms out there, it just figures out which platform to send a message to in the first place through some kind of profiling service. This way the platform maintains that info and people can easily switch.
    Per user, the app keeps track (if possible) what other apps are installed or get used, or otherwise keeps track how other users send messages to a specific profile to update the preferred app database. This means no one has to actively update their profile with whatever they’re using.
    Interesting comment on how you want to prioritize messages; apparently that problem hasn’t been solved and all services just deliver directly.
    And the business model that makes this profitable is…. 🙂

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