How to setup KAFKA ZooKeeper Cluster Setup in Amazon AWS

This whitepaper is not intended to illustrate or talk about KAFKA since there are plenty of online resources available that discusses KAFKA. This whitepaper however aims to illustrate how to do a KAFKA Cluster setup in Amazon AWS and then leverage the infrastructure to create scale-able applications.

The document provides the information on the following:

  1. One Cluster Setup in production in AWS
  2. Zookeeper
    1. Setup, usage and maintenance
  3. KAFKA Setup
    1. Setup, configuration, maintenance, settings and optimization, recovery
  4. Tools setup
    1. ZooNavigator
    2. KAFKA Manager (Administrative tasks)
    3. Confluence schema registry
    4. Landoop KAFKA Topics UI

Read more about the whitepaper, here.


Abhishek Dhar


Abhishek is experienced in Design & Development of Automotive software in the field of Infotainment, Telematics (Connected Car), Automotive Lighting, Mobile application development, BSP/Device-Driver, Navigation, White-Box validation of AUTOSAR components, GENIVI components (Browser/DLT). As a specialist, experience in project execution/estimation/planning/technical-Analysis, customer interfacing, team management and software process quality adherence. Participated in many Project proposal preparation and project estimation (System Architecture Analysis and Evaluation) "Internet of Things" experience with regard to complete design and development of "Emergency Response System" and "Machine to Machine M2M framework" for collaboration between Mobile devices (Embedded) and Backend infrastructure. Experience with IOT Device application prototyping (Raspberry PI/Arduino/Intel Galileo) along with Mobile application development (Native/Hybrid) Abhishek is looking forward to 'Software Architectural/Design and Development' responsibilities in the field of Automotive and managing software development team and coordinating/interfacing between software development team and customer. Ensuring software process quality adherence and enforcing automotive standard like SPICE.

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