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How to setup KAFKA ZooKeeper Cluster Setup in Amazon AWS

Sogeti Labs
July 26, 2018

This whitepaper is not intended to illustrate or talk about KAFKA since there are plenty of online resources available that discusses KAFKA. This whitepaper however aims to illustrate how to do a KAFKA Cluster setup in Amazon AWS and then leverage the infrastructure to create scale-able applications.

The document provides the information on the following:

  1. One Cluster Setup in production in AWS
  2. Zookeeper
    1. Setup, usage and maintenance
  3. KAFKA Setup
    1. Setup, configuration, maintenance, settings and optimization, recovery
  4. Tools setup
    1. ZooNavigator
    2. KAFKA Manager (Administrative tasks)
    3. Confluence schema registry
    4. Landoop KAFKA Topics UI

Read more about the whitepaper, here.


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