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Home automation and thoughts on future work at home

Sogeti Labs
July 31, 2020

My eyes open, a soft light gradually invades the room, it’s time to get up.

Still that damn headache.

I feel like coffee.

From my bed, I open the shutters and check the weather forecast: very nice weather today, too bad we have to work! I think about my agenda, it appears: 2 meetings this morning and a client presentation this afternoon with Dan. Well, he’s not connected yet, sleeping hard… Just Oliver and some members of the group.

The smell of coffee now invades my room, and soon afterwards I hear the roll of Bodi, my clever companion, bringing me a well-packed espresso. I get up and swallow it in one gulp and go to the bathroom. It’s hot and I think of fresh water. The jets immediately spray me with micro-droplets that refresh my body. I think of a soft warm breeze. The spin-dryer launches, projecting a draft of air, which dries me out in a few seconds.

This headache doesn’t go away. I take a pill and think I need to make an appointment with my neurologist. The signal’s still too strong or it must have moved again, maybe my fall down the stairs last week. The appointment is confirmed for Thursday.

I’m sitting in my home office new ergonomic chair and think about my wall screen, it turns on. I check my emails and dictate some answers. I think again about the nice weather outside, at the beach… my holiday photos appear on the screen, I really need to concentrate on my work. Especially not doing this in the middle of a client meeting!

The first meeting is starting, I’m already connected. Let’s get started. This neural implant is really fabulous.

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