Does your cool app display your poor operational process?

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At one of our half-yearly SogetiLabs workshops a blog contest was held. In about 30 minutes I was required to write a blog, with the support of three co-participants. Which is a challenge in its own right, to write a blog with four persons. But lo and behold, our group won. Our blog was titled as above and the text was:

With 1 million apps in the store it sounds like a really good idea to create your own app. Taking a closer look at the enormous amount of apps, quickly demonstrates the fact that many organizations are technically able to create an app, but it also demonstrates that many organizations are unable to create a perfect seamless customer experience. Although the intention was to impress, the result is an annoyed customer. Enterprise architecture offers the governance process to align technical capability with bringing about the required change in operational processes. This need is further strengthened by organizations having to become completely multichannel. It all becomes even worse if we also take into account big data, cloud, agile and mobile. In that context you could regard enterprise architecture as a technological manifestation of an organizations vision to put the customer front and center and to make all operational processes and considerations subservient to that vision.

Reading back the blog I think it sends an important message. New technological developments always create a lot of stir and excitement because of the seemingly endless possibilities. But how come that after so many years we still keep forgetting the simple fact that unless we lay a sound foundation of operational processes and data administration all these possibilities will prove to be out of our reach again and again? Thus, let me finish the blog and post it.

There is a huge drive to launch your cool new app. And maybe you are lucky. But most things are not luck. If your processes are ready for the future, so is your app.

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