Defi H Series (Part 1): Orthofunny to help kids with speech disability


logo_defi_HIn this series, we are going to showcase the innovative solutions for disabled people created by students of French IT Schools and Universities, at the Defi H 2015 competition, organized by Sogeti France.

In the first article of the series, we will present the winning web application – Orthofunny. 


What triggered the need?

Language is a medium that establishes the social link and maintains/strengthens family bonds. Losing it leads to isolation. Therefore, speech- / language-related disorders need to be corrected as soon as possible, in order to allow academic achievement and professional integration for children.

What is it?

Orthofunny is a Web application that allows speech therapists to follow up with their young patients outside of appointments and, above all, to offer exercises that suit their disorders.
The exercises were designed to be fun but and were overseen by the ORTHOFUNNY_landingpagepartner speech therapists who provided  advice on the design.

The different phases involved

  1. Designing and modeling
  2. Developing interfaces
  3. Creating exercises, depending on the disorders

Problems & Solutions

  • Lack of knowledge about the world of speech therapy -> collaboration with speech therapists
  • Adaptation of the application on any support -> interfaces with responsive design
  • Reading the instructions to children -> vocal summary integrated for each instruction

Future developments and evolution

Currently, only written language disorders can be corrected with Ortofunny. So, this solution could be improved by implementing modules using speech recognition, which would allow the development of exercises pertaining to speech disorders.

The fluidity and the resolution of the application on mobile support can be improved by creating a native solution, developed for each mobile operating system (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).

The winning team

Students from ETNA:

Florent Chamault
Mathieu Chamois
Pierre Dorisca
Sami Lahrech
Vijai Subramaniam

Sogeti Coach: Stéphanie Ouaknine

NGO: Maison du Langage

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