Top 10 Blogs of 2015: Data Driven Decisions: A new proactive Cloud-based BI solution for Healthcare


Proactive Healthcare solution

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(This blog was originally published on 2nd April 2015)

Healthcare Providers need a faster, more scalable solution to produce trend reports for hospitals and clinics to improve patient care, provider experience, cut readmission rates, and gain other efficiencies. The solution also needs to enable access to BI content for mobile workers, be affordable and be easily maintainable by a small IT team.

Sogeti has partnered with HP and Microsoft to develop a Proactive BI solution for the Healthcare sector- Data Driven Decisions. Sogeti’s capability to implement, Microsoft’s best-in-class BI tools and HP’s hardware, together, could make this solution a reality. Microsoft’s Analytics Platform Server (APS) along with Power BI for Office 365 allow clients to easily deploy a Cloud-based BI environment where people can share insights, collaborate and access reports, from anywhere—phones, tablets or PCs… and all through the familiar user interface of Excel. APS offers scalability for data growth and the ability to include unstructured data into the mix: such as blogs, social media and other useful public online data sources. APS has been optimized to run on the HP Converged System 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform System, ensuring cost-effective reliability. I would like to share with you a recorded demonstration of this solution.

Check out the Solution Brief: Data Driven Decisions for Healthcare


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