COVID Experiment #43 – Vlogging about our research


Motivated to escape from my COVID bubble I started this vlog in which I try to shape an interesting story around our research at SogetiLabs. The channel will help you understand and prepare for the near future. And help create a strategy for your company, your community, and your career.

I think this is very important because these waves of pervasive technologies should not be something that just happens, but something we all co-control and co-guide in the right direction.

I welcome you to check out this video:

I’d love you to subscribe to my channel and share your thoughts and insights on some of these mesmerizing topics! 

Thijs Pepping


Thijs Pepping is a humanistic trend analyst in the field of new technologies. He is part of the think tank within SogetiLabs and in his work he continuously wonders and analyses what the impact of New Technologies is on our lives, organizations and society. He specialized in Humanistic Counselling and Education at the University of Humanistics in Utrecht and worked for five years with autistic children. His background in psychology and philosophy drives him to find meaningful answers to business related questions and to provoke whenever necessary. He is co-author of multiple publications on the impact of new technologies, such as ‘The FrankensteinFactor’, ‘AI First – Learning from the machine’, and ‘The Pursuit of Digital Happiness’ series. See for his previous and current work. VINT provides practical insight into the likely impact and innovative applications of new technologies for organizations worldwide. This valuable intelligence helps public and private sector enterprises to anticipate and plan for the complex dynamics of the future. The use of new technological developments is aimed at generating value that anticipates future developments.

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