May 19, 2015

Coming Up: My Webinar on “Cybersecurity Kill Chain” theory

BY :     May 19, 2015


I will speak on “The Cybersecurity Kill Chain – Myth or Threat” on Monday, June 1 from 5:00 – 6:00 PM (Paris time).

About what?

Putting things back into perspective by describing rapidly the current Cybersecurity landscape, I will take you through the Cybersecurity Kill Chain Theory to:

–               Put ourselves a little bit in the shoes of attackers

–               Try to define, from what we hear in the news, what is Myth or what comprises real threats

–               See if the Cat and Mouse game is still on

In addition to that, I’ll try to see how, through a gamification process, several organizations tried to use the Cybersecurity Kill Chain principle to educate their staff to Cybersecurity issues.

Information Security Fundamentals such as the CIA concept or the IT Security Risk management concepts are still of critical importance. However, keeping-up with new trends, and adopting sometime an attack posture can bring to light new threats and thus lead to the implementation of new defense mechanism.

How to join

To attend the webinar, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on either of the following links: OR (from your PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablet)
  2. Register with your name, location and email address
  3. Click on “use my computer” to see the content, we will share
  4. If requested, allow the system to use your webcam/microphone
  5. You can dial in using any of the local nos. provided in the AnyMeeting website and the Attendee PIN 217 6134#
  6. Only the presenters are able to speak at first. If you want to speak, click on the unmute button next to your name in the attendees list. You can also write live comments in the chat box.

The webinar will be recorded and made available on our Blog and YouTube channel, later.


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