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Beacons Will Be Everywhere

Christian Forsberg
December 04, 2015

One thought on “Beacons Will Be Everywhere

  1. Hi Chris,
    Nice blog, its really nice to read!!
    Beacons certainly will take over the world. Last week a startup launched the idea to set out beacons out in the public to guide blind people. But also for shopping (personalized digital signage, more product info) or musea, home automation etc. I currently work at Lightcurb and we are trying to make and location based services platform/hub dat enable clients to combine the power of beacons with their infrastructure (personalized digital signage/narrowcasting, personalized lighting depending on the customers that are in the shop).
    Just two side notes, the Texas instrument chipset is outdated if your in search for an beacon please use te Nordic chipset. The Bluetooth BLE standard is support on Android 4.3 and above ;).
    Best regards,
    Arjen de Jong

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