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Azure VPN Gateway in detail – Part II

Sogeti Labs
December 20, 2021

A few weeks ago I started with the step-by-step description of how to simulate a connection between our on-premises network and the Azure Cloud. To do this, we configure a group of resources, in which we deploy a VNet. Now using that VNet we are going to deploy a Subnet that will be the one on which we will configure our Azure VPN Gateway.

Mention that for now we are creating Azure resources.

To do this, we return to our Visual Code and include a new file, in this case we will give it the name of, which clearly indicates what we want 

We carry out the commit and the following PR with which now we would be in a position to add a new task to our Release in Azure DevOps.

Now we speed up a bit and we are going to include the last component of our part of Azure, which would be the Local Network Gateway. Same process, we create a new file to include the Azure CLI script with which to deploy the resource.

All that remains is to create a new task in Azure DevOps to complete this first part.

We repeat the same process to create, in this second case, the resources that simulate our on-premises network. So we will have three new files and their respective tasks in Azure DevOps.

All that remains is to run the Release and we will have the following resources created in the cloud.

Next, we complete a file for each network, where we will configure a VPN Gateway for each one.

In the case of the Azure network

In the case of the simulation of our on-premise network

In Azure DevOps we should have something like this

Once we create and execute the Release, our resource group is varied like this:

All that remains is to update the LNG IPs and create the connections to finally have an architecture like the one drawn just below.

In the next post, I will also describe the main characteristics of the Azure VPN Gateway and the reason for architectures like the one obtained during this exercise. See ya

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