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The AI explosion to mainstream is coming… Are you ready?

Tuukka Virtanen
March 23, 2023

This blog post is going to get old really fast. Probably, if you are reading this at the end of the year 2023, you are currently shaking your head and laughing. Because this blog is about the coming future – about the upcoming AI explosion into our daily lives. And today’s information is about to go sour very, very quickly, because the AI space is moving ahead with lightning-fast speeds.

There used to be a common saying, “AI application is just a few years away”, that was thrown around a lot. There was a a lot of talk but few actual working AI implementations. But now the AI scene has changed. AI applications are not coming, they are already here now. And it means a lot of things are going to change for businesses: your processes, your tools, your use of data and many, many other things. And the change can be frightening.

This AI breaking into mainstream consciousness can be pinned on one event, a new AI application released in December of 2023. I am, of course, talking about ChatGPT, a generative conversational chatbot that can carry a conversation just a like a real human and answer very complicated and nuanced questions. But I also want to mention a few other popular AI tools that have gained a lot of publicity, like AI image generation tools like Dall-E 2, Midjourney and the open-source AI initiative Stable Diffusion.

We’ve seen what happened with ChatGPT and the overwhelming amount of success it has had. Every big company in the AI field is now vying for the AI land grab. Who gets to be the first big player is probably going to gobble up a huge space of the multi-billion dollar market and that’s what everyone is betting on. We are now at the beginning of the AI adoption S-curve which means that the exponential growth is about to happen in front of our eyes. Remember, how in 2007 only the enthusiasts bought an iPhone, but only 10 years later everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has a mobile phone in their pocket? That’s what’s going to happen with AI adoption. Today, only the AI enthusiasts are adopting the new AI tools but within a decade these tools will be a part of everyone’s lives.

So, my prediction is, that there is going to be a unbelievably large influx of AI tools and applications to our daily lives. Every company in the world is currently trying to figure out use cases for ChatGPT and other AI tools. No, you are not the only company doing this – everyone’s doing it. Because everyone can see that this is truly a game changer, a disruptive force that is going to wreak havoc along many industries – which of course can be either a good thing or bad thing, depending on if you are the one doing the disruption. And this AI explosion might be the last big explosion, as there seems to be no clear logical continuation of technological development after we’ve created machines a that can think for themselves. So, if you win this round, you are going to remain as the winner until the end of time.

This was the point of this blog post – to make sure that you know what’s coming. And it’s coming, believe me, faster than anyone of us imagined. The only question is, are you and your company ready for it? If you are, we can together laugh at this blog post a year later. If not, I suggest starting your AI journey now.


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