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Your country, Disrupted yet?

Sogeti Labs
June 16, 2015

2 thoughts on “Your country, Disrupted yet?

  1. Your example for Bitcoin as a currency disruptor is a rather simplistic one. Bitcoin as a decentralized peer-to-peer distributed technology currently achieves, and in the future will even more achieve much higher capabilities. It undoubtedly will act as a much bigger disruptor to financial services then the black market case you are highlighting.
    At this present time Bitcoin is the catalyst for micro-payments, low cost cross border payments, store of value, and an immutable registry of deeds. Future use cases will highlight improved and lower processing costs and settlement for all kinds of financial products, lending activities and much more.

    1. Hi Bart,
      Yes, the comment on Bitcoin was simplistic. A lot to fit into a small article about a number of issues which could effect countries.
      The points you have raised about Bitcoin and the Blockchain are very true and I would agree.
      Thanks for your interesting comments.

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