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Your Big Data Potential Checklist

Sogeti Labs
September 02, 2013

Click cover to download
Click cover to download
The following checklist from our fourth Big Data report further concretizes your Big Data intentions and serves to structure your thoughts and plans and helps you formulate priorities geared to your own situation.
  1. Does your organization have strong views on how Big Data could transform your business?
  2. Is the management of Big Data (governance) determined at the top?
  3. Are employees sufficiently involved in the Big Data vision?
  4. Is the collaboration between business and it such that it can gain maximum advantage from Big Data projects?
  5. Do you have mainly Big Data projects in the areas in which the organization wishes to excel (strategic alignment)?
  6. Does the organization stimulate creativity in order to generate transformative Big Data ideas?
  7. Do you know where to recruit the scarce and elusive data scientists?
  8. If your knowledge workers were to receive the right data more rapidly, would that produce more profit?
  9. Do you possess data that may be interesting to others, and for which there is a market?
  10. Is it important to you to know about purchasing intentions at the earliest possible moment?
  11. Does data philanthropy (donating data to charitable projects) still give you favorable pr?
  12. Have you mastered the regulations for Privacy by Design?
  13. Is your Master Data Management in order?
  14. Do you know how to gain access to all your unstructured data?
  15. Have you prepared the infrastructure to cope with converting the further data explosion to concrete business value?
  16. Do you know which Big Data competences you are going to develop, and which you are going to tender out?
  17. Are you really capable of blending external data sources with your own data?
  18. Does your organization have the technology by means of which insights from data can be easily retrieved, instead of having to go searching for them?
  19. Does your organization possess a great quantity of data?
  20. Is there a great deal of diversity in your data?
Read all about how you can unlock your Big Data Potential and deploy a Big Data strategy in your organization in our new report on Big Data. Download the report using the button below. We would also appreciate it if you used the share buttons: it will send a Twitter or LinkedIn status update (that you can edit if you like) saying you just downloaded the report and it also adds a downloadlink for your followers. button-pdf 

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