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The Wi-Fi, the Mobility and the Big Data

Sogeti Labs
November 14, 2016

or how Wi-Fi can be a business innovation enabler?

The wifi the mobility and the big data

Innovation and Wi-Fi within the same article?

Yes, sir. More than ever. Nothing to deal with Li-Fi, nor (yet another) new 802.1x tiresome norm. Getting used to reading pretty disrupting blogs from me, you may be worried once again by this association:

How an old technology as Wi-Fi can be combined with big data and mobility.  For what? Innovation! Come on

Ok. Keep calm and breathe a blow, smoothly. I will tell you what it is about somewhere below. But first, let’s set up the stage.

We all regularly go around and frequent hotels, restaurants, show halls, and what is the first thing we all do, just right after crossing the door? Looking for a wireless connection. And even though European Commission has recently signed the death warrant of roaming high costs, this won’t change.  Following my story, what comes next? Getting upset fighting against intermittent, unsecured and poor wireless network and bandwidth.

Hey! It’s free! Why are you complaining Kamel?

Painful, unsafe and most of all, bad reputation for something you gently offer. Nothing is worst than bad publicity. Furthermore, today’s habits, Internet access is as vital as hot water or toilets. So, Could you imagine getting into a 4-star hotel showroom and discovering Turkish toilets? Hell no! Since premises offer a service to attendees, they should take care of the image they vehicle among people whom internet connection is like a third hand.

Here comes Mobility and Big Data!mobility

Let’s take an example everybody will be conformable with. The Salon de l’Automobile in Paris (the most visited car show in the world, with more than 1.2 million visitors per year). The aim of the exposition is indeed to have as much as mobile people among a myriad of prototypes and car brands. How to get market share by offering wireless to anybody? Big data! How? Ruckus.

bigdataTo be honest, I have been an IT professional for almost 25 years and I heard about Ruckus just 2 months ago (Thank you, Jo). New wireless technologies (Ruckus or other brands proposes) can bring strong signal with fewer access points while collecting visitor’s routes at the same time. Finally, we just have to bring Power BI on triangulation information to the brands and voila. Do you get it?

At “Le Mondial de l’Automobile” in Paris, offering real service and enlightening Toyota that 20% of their stand visitors come from Peugeot’s one may be some strategic information good to monetize.

Reconsidering Wi-Fi, instead of addressing this digital facility as a mandatory constraint to be delivered, some players already took this innovative wireless opportunity to win twice and even more.

Question is… where are you now?


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    One thought on “The Wi-Fi, the Mobility and the Big Data

    1. The combination of Wi-Fi with Mobility will bring the location based services to indoors what I also refer to as micro-location service. It will provide the true contextual and real-time experience to the consumers. I have been working on this for some time with Cisco’s technology. Cisco has a similar solution which they call as Connected Mobile Experience, they have been upgrading their Wi-Fi products to support the micro location service, for instance they recently launched the Halo Access Points which uses angle-on-arrival (A-o-A) instead of triangulation to provide much higher accuracy (1-3m) with fewer access points. Very exciting technology that can deliver a great digital experience based on user location and presence indoors

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