Who’s the best Superhero

Watch my talk from eggplant’s ‘Performance Matters’ London event on performance testing & how we can relate it to superhero movies.

Know the importance of having a broad view of future in testing domain & how we could balance the strength & weakness of current industry trends. Also know on how could the new technologies be use to us & what are the challenges it brings into the domain.


Watch this video on Vimeo, here.

Andrew Fullen


Andrew has been a managing consultant with Sogeti since 2009. In this role, he has worked on a number of major clients across government and private sectors covering tasks such as security test manager for a major government pan-agency project, helping with restructuring a bank rescued by the UK government during the financial crash, re-planning a major welfare project and architecting a performance policy and approach to address significant shortfalls in the delivered solution.

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