Whitepaper: Value sensitive architecture


Every action is a moral choice. Every design constitutes a subset of all theoretically available possibilities. This also holds for the design of a digital solution. A design always defines the behavioural choices of its users in some way: discouraging some behaviour and stimulating other behaviour. Technology cannot be neutral.

Value sensitive architecture is not only aware of the economical aspects of enterprise architecture design choices, but also of their impact on personal and public values.

In this whitepaper, we introduce the main lenses to look at ethics and provide examples of the moral impact of design choices. We discuss how, by applying value-sensitive design and an ethical matrix, you can take human values into account during the design process. In the end we place ethical thinking, sensemaking, and enterprise architecture into relation to each other.

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Edzo Botjes


Edzo Botjes is an Enterprise Engineer with more than 15+ years experience. His believe is that Enterprise Engineering covers not only Enterprise Architecture but also the skills needed to realistically implement innovation, governance and architecture. This implies that Group Psychology, IT Security Architecture, Technology Innovation and Ethics are a few topics that should be included into the developing strategy and architecture. Edzo is currently working on the new version of DYA, the Enterprise Architecture vision of Sogeti and adding value for clients as an Enterprise Architect.

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