Whitepaper: Transforming your Software Testing to fit the modern organizations of the future


Michelangelo said, at the age of 85:

“I am still learning.”

It is often said that we learn from our mistakes – or the importance in business to fail fast. I personally only partly agree on that. I think we learn from all actions in fact, as long as we keep on trying out an idea – continuously testing hypothesis. Our ability to learn rest on our ability to reflect on the outcome, the results of our intended actions. I’ll never stop learning and I write primarily for my need to test my mental models on you, the reader, and possibly see what outcome and effect it might have on you. So please get back to me if you have any sorts of feelings, thoughts or reflections on what I have to say. I want to explore this subject together with you because it is more fun to do things together and I know I learn more through dialogue with others.

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Fredrik Scheja


Testing is the acts we do to ease our curiosity while we develop the things we love. I create models that enables faster understanding of complex matters for better judgments on our journey towards authenticity.

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    thanks for the report