Whitepaper: Taking Smart Steps towards the ‘New Normal’


Pre-COVID, business leaders placed a lot of importance on face-to-face interactions; be it a project meeting, an agile co-located team, or for account executives to be physically present at a client’s site. These meetings were thought to be best held in person instead of virtually. Yet, things changed in a post-COVID scenario. Are we prepared to adapt to this new way of working with and for clients in the ‘New Normal’?

This whitepaper discusses navigating to the ‘New Normal’ using Microsoft Power Platform and responding to customer needs now and in the post-COVID world. Download here.

Vijayalakshmi Venkataraman


Practice Head with a unique blend of Business Transformation capability, redefining Customer Experience Journey and Global Technology Delivery Management. Extensive experience leading Digital strategy, Agile Transformations, Client Relationship Building, creating innovative Solutions, Rapid prototyping, Business Development, and Product Eng. capabilities. Leading globally distributed team and proficient in building a culture of innovation, motivating and leading high-performing Management team.

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