Whitepaper on Deploying Data Factory Pipelines to Microsoft Azure


In this article we will describe in detail the steps to follow to complete the automatic deployment of Azure Data Factory pipelines in the Development (dev), Staging (stg) and Production (prd) environments. In software development, the use of integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) is done to release better code in a fast way. This possibility also exists for data engineers working with Azure Data Factory. That is, we will have the possibility of moving pipelines between the different environments. Furthermore, working in this way, several people in the team may be working at the same time on the same data pipeline. In this case, we are going to work on an example of automating the deployment from dev to prd. All thanks to ADF integration with Azure DevOps Automation. Let’s see how.

The infrastructure necessary to complete this process is

 Azure Resource Group

 Azure SQL Database

 Azure Key Vault

 Azure Data Factory

 Azure DevOps

Download here.

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