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Whitepaper: Edge Computing in Internet of Things

Amarjeet Singh
March 29, 2019

Exponential increase and lowering the cost of generating data in the Internet of Things (IoT) demands a high volume of data to be stored on the cloud. High amount of data generated by the IoT devices collecting the data needs to be transferred to the cloud for processing, but due to network issues or data transfer protocol issues, some data can be lost. IoT Edge computing devices are used to eliminate the need for transmitting and processing each message on the cloud. Edge computing devices evaluate the messages locally and take an informed decision if the generated message needs to be sent to the cloud or not, it can also combine several messages to be sent to the cloud. In case of failure of message delivery, edge computing devices can retry the transmission of the messages. As generation and collection of data increases in the future, the need for processing the messages locally using technology like IoT Edge computing will be in high demand. [gview file=””]

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