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Whitepaper – Data engineering best practices with Snowflake for Utilities project

Sogeti Labs
June 09, 2023

In a utility project which generally handles gas and electricity, has a huge data for processing and analysis. The data is generally generated by the end user so majorly has anomalies and discrepancies in the formatting, outliers, information carried, etc. So, to perform the analysis on this data is very difficult without processing the same. Lot of technical operations must be done on this data.

This data is generally on different on-premises databases, which is extracted and loaded to a data warehouse for the further processing.

While doing the data engineering in data warehouse the data has to undergo different stages like transformation, profiling, cleansing, standardization, loading the data vaults, fetching the data in the data visualizations tool for further analysis during AI and ML.

The process of data engineering should be done using the best practices with the proper tool to suffice the goal of the same.

Download the whitepaper to know more about the best practices.

This article was submitted as part of the SogetiLabs India Hackathon’s blog and whitepaper contest.

Author: Swati Bhole

Swati is associated with Capgemini for over 13 years and currently holds the position of Test Manager for the Portima project.
Throughout the extensive professional journey, Swati Bhole has amassed a deep understanding of diverse industry domains and successfully navigated through the challenges presented by each one. She has worked on projects in domains such as Insurance, MDM, e-commerce, telecommunications, and more, showcasing her adaptability and versatility in delivering high-quality software solutions.
With a focus on continuous improvement, Swati has implemented innovative strategies to streamline testing processes, increase efficiency, and enhance overall software quality. She is adept at identifying potential risks and issues early on, implementing robust test plans, and utilizing industry-standard tools to achieve optimal results.

In addition to her responsibilities as a Test Manager, she have also been actively involved in various group-level activities such as driving EM & Arch certifications. She also leads the WeKare Team from Mumbai and has organized over 100 events both on and off campus.

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