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Where will the App Effect strike next?

Sogeti Labs
January 14, 2013

One thing that was obvious at CES the past week is the emerging field of apps that exist outside your phone. After the mobile app revolution changed how we handle information, the App Effect (also read our book) is having a second run. Think of your car, your watch on your wrists and other wearable devices or interacting with the internet of things. So the question is: where will the App Effect strike next? Your car Your new car is going to be connected. Last week at CES General Motors showed us apps like TuneIn, Slacker and The Weather Channel as addditions to you car’s infotainment system. Ford announced nine applications, like the Wall Street Journal, Rhapsody, Aha Radio and Amazon, to be available in cars by next year. One thing that surprised me however is that these apps need to be installed using your smartphone and bluetooth (or a cable). It’s just a matter of time before someone designs an app store for your car. Read all about the connected car in this great write-up at Wired. The internet of things The future of the internet of things should be open (an open ecostystem for developers and users), intelligent (smart ways of converging the physical world with the digital) and easy (easy tho handle, build for etc). Apps are the most easy interface to interact with the psychical world. Users know how the use them, app devices are everywhere and developers know the drill when it comes to apps. Let a robot handle your groceries, based on the sensor in your fridge? There will be an app for that. Check out this talk by Jeff Hagins, Founder and CTO of SmartThings, on why apps are the future of the internet of things. Your new wearable device We are entering a world of wearable computers and data gathering gadgets. The Nike Fuelband is one example, Google Glasses is a example in the making. The sensors and computing power we’ve become accustomed to in our smartphones are starting to migrate to body-worn devices used for new purposes. How will we interact with these devices? Apps might be the answer. Enable the RunKeeper app on your Google Glasses to track the steps you take during the day, launch the YouTube app if you want to livestream what you are seeing with your Glasses. Check out this article that covers some of the wearable devices that were on display at CES. Apps are just starting to take over the information spaces of our world and the smartphone era is only just the beginning. What future do you see for the App Effect?

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