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What is Jenkins X?

Sogeti Labs
February 12, 2021

What is Jenkins X?

What is Jenkins X?

Jenkins X is known out to be the open source-based project that is offering a series of automated CI/CD for the sake of cloud-native applications on the Kubernetes.

What Is the Main Purpose of Jenkins X?

Jenkins X is providing its developers with the course of amazing benefits in which it is bringing the fastest access to software delivery releases along with simplicity in terms of installation. It also helps you to increase the sustainability of the business with time. It is excellent in supporting a wide range of essential cloud platforms in which we have Amazon, Google, IBM Cloud, and Azure. It merely provides the users with a complete guided approach for choosing the right tools and makes the whole system processing easy and effortless to learn.

Difference Between Jenkins and Jenkins X?

Unlike the system of Jenkins, the setup of Jenkins X is wholly opinionated and has been working better with so many best technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker. Somehow at some point in time, Jenkins is utterly related to Jenkins X in case if they are to use with different plugins and integrations. Nevertheless, Jenkins X will be opening a massive opportunity for you to use many open source tools for your system. This access is to not given by Jenkins.

Jenkins X will be defining the whole process, whereas Jenkins will be adapting to the overall process, which is wanted or much needed. Jenkins X will be adopting an approach that is base on CLI/API initial approach. Apart from that, Jenkins has the UI initial approach in the middle of the configuration through the UI.

Important Benefits of Jenkins X

• One of the most significant benefits of Jenkins X has been the easy setup of this system. It is offering a pack of features which is purposely to meant for different projects. It also automates the installation configuration and upgrades all the external tools.

• It has a higher velocity range, which will be allowing some unhindered based development without shipping the logistics as slowing things down. Most of the tasks to expedite through the use of powerful commands. It will be providing a completely seamless integration through SCM or cloud.

• It has a faster recovery in which it will be letting the developers get the right series of context along with the identifiable information to somehow resolve the outages faster.

• Jenkins X is also helpful in creating the testing environments or the development using the create devoid” commanding. This will be providing the developers with their own set of sandbox within Jenkins X cluster.

• It is excellent in supporting a wide range of essential cloud platforms in which we have Amazon, Google, IBM Cloud, and Azure.

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