Webinar: An Introduction to Quantum Computing


We face an exploding demand for data storage and processing, while innovation in conventional computer technologies is breaking down. The bottom line is, for broad AI, complex weather forecasts, and other applications, we will need new types of computer systems.

Quantum computing is one of the most promising next generation of computers. Leveraging the physics at the level of atoms, quantum computers allow for order of magnitude performance gains. By performing massively parallel calculations, previously intractable calculations on conventional systems, become possible within days. Many use cases are anticipated which remain not feasible with classical computers including gene therapy, drug simulation, aerodynamic modelling, supply chain optimization and financial modelling.

Because quantum computers are fundamentally different than classical systems, development tools, middleware, and other parts of the software stack must be carefully adjusted.

This webinar provides an introduction to quantum technology. Michiel Boreel and Julian van Velzen touch upon the differences between quantum and classical systems, quantum applications, and steps to get quantum ready. No prior knowledge of quantum mechanics is required.

About Julian van Velzen:

Julian is an enthusiastic big data engineer with a strong background in computational physics. As the group SME on the next generation of computer systems, he takes clients on a journey into the exciting era of quantum computing

Michiel Boreel


More on Michiel Boreel.

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