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VR/AR training: Innovate to learn

Sogeti Labs
November 23, 2018

Learning is hard. But imagine if all you had to do to pick up a new skill is make a few gestures. With Virtual Reality (VR) technology even training is moving out of its traditional mold. The ‘brick and mortar’ classroom model is now giving way to learning without boundaries.

I have worked with various innovation projects and even seen the application of AR/VR technologies to transform businesses. But, the application of these technologies in training really excites me as it transforms learning into an experiential experience.

Moving beyond boundaries

With VR it is possible to have the trainer located at a central place and communicate with the trainees in a remote location. The training is conducted in a virtual environment facilitated by technologies like Microsoft Azure.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the other side of the coin. Trainees join the environment with AR tools and can follow the instructions given by the trainer. With advanced features like 360-degree visibility, learners feel like they are in a real classroom.

But is this method of training more effective than the traditional one? Experts claim that the retention may be higher than traditional training as AR is more experience based. Further, trainees can take classes as per their comfort and even learn from experts from different fields.

Innovative applications

Training using VR and AR now has a far-reaching impact with companies using these applications in instances where it is difficult to conduct training. For instance, conductors in trains running through underground sea tunnels are now connected with engineers using AR/VR technology. In case the trains get stuck in the tunnel, engineers can guide the conductors to fix the problem in an AR environment. This is surely more effective than trying to fix a locomotive by reading a manual.

This is a good example of how training is moving out of traditional classrooms and going to new places. There are numerous examples now of how companies are using AR/VR technologies to think of new and innovative ways of training their employees. For instance, retailers are using technology to sensitize their employees with rush periods.

As of now, I am busy discussing new AR/VR training Proof of Concepts (PoC) with my clients. The project is a great opportunity for Sogeti to showcase its capabilities to its clients and make their employees more competitive. Hopefully, with AR/VR employees don’t have to learn the ‘hard way’ anymore!


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