Vlogging is the New Marketing


Self-made YouTube celebs are taking over the roles of sales of billion dollar companies like for instance Estée Lauder. Traditionally their products (cosmetics) are sold in shops, where make-up advisors help the customers to make their buying decisions. We all know physical stores are under pressure, and advising customers one-on-one is a very expensive way to sell your products. This advisory role is taken over by individuals on YouTube, like Lilly Singh


Singh – aka ‘Superwomen’ is one of those videobloggers with a lot of fans. She reached over 1.4 bln. views with her video’s. People like Singh, think she is super, and that’s even more important. Customers are preferring internet advise by her, over the advise given in stores by sales persons. One of the alter ego’s of Superwoman Singh is Lana Steele, and in this vlog you’ll get a taste of how she promotes Estée Lauder. Rather entertaining. Rather professional I would say.


One of the persons who thinks Lilly Singh is super is CEO of Estée Lauder, Fabrizio Freda. The revenue of his company has grown last year by 6%. Febra says that tapping into social media is the reason of their success. In an interview with ‘Fashonista’ he added that their whole strategy is centered around  selfie culture

“The 30-year-old today gets more photographs of themselves in a day than their mother did in a year, so they care about what their skin looks like now, not when they are 40”.

The selfie culture is in the core of Estée Lauder’s strategy. And social media is taking over. People outside the company becoming more important for their sales. What do you think? Is this exclusive for the make-up industry? Any other industries that could take the selfie-culture as the core of their strategy?

Menno van Doorn


Menno is Director of the Sogeti Research Institute for the Analysis of New Technology (VINT). He mixes personal life experiences with the findings of the 19 years of research done at the VINT Research Institute.

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