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Vlog: Ready for Agile Performance Testing?

Sogeti Labs
December 23, 2021

As a Performance Test Manager that has been collaborating in very different projects throughout the years, I must confess we face wonderful times, finally Performance became high priority for business success. Of course, there is always a BUT, including Performance testing within a development chain is a great challenge:
We need to design our tests to be fast, goal oriented and compatible with pipelines that also work at functional level…question is, how feasible is this?
So glad to say that the answer is 100% feasible, we just need the right process & tooling

Inma Ramirez:

In 2007 I got my degree on Telecommunication Engineering and since then, I have been engaged to QA related roles.
For the last 3 years, I am part of the Sogeti family, playing now the role of Digital Assurance & Testing Technical Director in Barcelona for Sogeti MU. This is great, because it allows me to explore new tools and objectives

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