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Vlog: Quantum technology is coming, be prepared!

Julian van Velzen
November 04, 2021

Quantum technology is promising to disrupt many of industries, from life sciences, to automotive and aerospace to financial services. Highly specialised, but extremely powerful computers might be able to replace wind tunnels, by aiding the development of planes with computer simulations. in the pharmaceutical industry, simulations of chemical properties of drugs could improve the success rate of phase three trials. At the same time, quantum computers are still at its infancy, and at the moment, solve nothing more than toy problems. What are realistic prospects, and how do we separate the hype from reality?

About the author

Senior consultant | Netherlands
Julian likes to pioneer. Equipped with a master degree in physics, he put Capgemini’s quantum technology efforts on the map, and now leads the computing futures (bits/qubits/neurons) domain from within the group’s CTIO++ community. Furthermore, he initiated and led project FARM, a big data solution for small-holder farmers in developing countries.


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