Vlog: Metahumans


In today’s ever-changing world, technology plays a very critical role. Things that were science fiction are coming to reality. Today we might view virtual humans as simple and immature applications, but we are confident that they will become a crucial part of our future. The user experience will evolve to making interactions richer and more natural and the ability to process information on-device will open a whole new range of opportunities. All in all, virtual humans will become more complex ecosystems that can support you in multiple areas of your everyday lives. The inclusive design of language detection, voice control, sentiment analysis, knowledge graphs

Arun Kumar Sahu


An experienced technology specialist with a focus in AI and data analytics. Arun leads the AI CoE team in Sogeti India and is part of the Sogeti Global AI team. He has designed and developed various AI solutions and offering with his team. His roles and responsibility includes Working with AI leads from various countries to help in sales, proposals, pre sales, solutioning and implementation.

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