August 1, 2017

Vlog: Hacking Happiness through Brain Machine Interfaces?

BY :     August 1, 2017

Social media, articles, and news are increasingly image and video based. To experiment with this trend I created a vlog instead of the usual blog. I am curious to know your feedback about how I can improve my next vlogs; what works for you and what doesn’t? Do you think this is a viable concept to distribute relevant business ideas? Watch the video and leave a comment in the below comment section!

Thijs Pepping


Thijs is passionate about (new) technology and for the human life. In VINT he combines his interests with the synergy between humans, society, and technology. This includes AI/MI, E/M-Health, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Smart Cities, Embedded Software, Quadcopters, and Medical Robots. VINT provides practical insight into the likely impact and innovative applications of new technologies for organizations worldwide. This valuable intelligence helps public and private sector enterprises to anticipate and plan for the complex dynamics of the future. The use of new technological developments is aimed at generating value that anticipates future developments.

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