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Vlog: 5G- Its impact on various industries

Sogeti Labs
January 06, 2022

5G has been the buzz word industries are waiting since the long time. This technology will enable faster data transfer speeds (4G’s 1Gbps to 10Gbps) thereby enabling a limitless word for data, digital experience and smart factories,

As per the research by Capgemini, 2 out of 3 companies worldwide are waiting for this experience to go live and are also investing to be ready to reap the benefits of these technologies.

From enabling remote robotic surgery and widespread adoption of autonomous cars to improving crop and livestock management, 5G is poised to disrupt a plethora of the world’s biggest industries.

Nikhil Sukhatankar

I have 19+ years’ rich experience in IT Infrastructure Services, Application Operations and a flair for Large account management. I am currently playing a role of a Global Delivery Leader for Stellantis (PSA) account for Application operation and infrastructure scope, managing long-term business relations, profitability, expanding service portfolio by implementing winning business strategies.
I am passionate to understand new disruptive technologies and my hobby is listening to Bollywood music

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