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VINTlabs Big Data Bookmarks: Erik van Ommeren

Sogeti Labs
July 03, 2012

As researchers we do a lot of reading. Every week one of the researchers shares the most valuable articles he has read. Consider these posts as a curated reading experience. This week: Erik van Ommeren. Dispelling the “big data” myth “Big data is a silly term. Data has always been big. Instead of big rhetoric, we need a big solution”. An interesting, slightly biased, positioning for Big Data as ‘nothing new’, but with large impact on how we use technology. Some bullet points from this blog post: –          Data has always been big. –          Large data sets are difficult to maneuver, backup, copy, move and manage. –          Traditional relational databases (RDBMSs) have practical limitations. –          The cost of managing huge data sets is extreme. –          There’s a solution. Big Data is not Big Garbage Are Volume and Velocity detrimental to data quality? Is it still true that garbage in means garbage out? Or can we ‘recycle’ bad data? Two myths around Big Data, by Bruno Aziza Packaged in two common myths, this blog argues two important points: Big Data is for the common employee as much as for the so called ‘data scientists’ and Big Data is also useful for smaller companies

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