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VINT Symposium Recap: Sander Duivestein (VINT) & Dirk de Roos (IBM) on Big Data

Sogeti Labs
June 28, 2012

Sander Duivestein is trendwatcher at VINT, the International Research Institute of Sogeti. In this talk Sander works towards a definition of Big Data starting with the argument that data measurement now is the modern equivalent of the microsocope, invented some four hundred years ago. Meticulously zooming in on essential heterogeneous data, we can check back on both what has happened before plus what is actually happening in real time today. Sander Duivestein – De definitie van Big Data from Sogeti VINT on Vimeo. Dirk de Roos – Big Data Stories You can share your own vision on and experiences with Big Data on our blog. Check out the topics we would like to discuss or download our report on Big Data and join the conversation.

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