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Unpacking the experienced beginner with Generative AI

Chaitali Lambat
Mar 20, 2024

When I ventured into the era of automation, never in my dreams did I think of slowly progressing into Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and now Generative AI (GenAI). With boundless opportunities across diverse industries, domains, and the technological landscape, AI has already made significant contributions to and enhanced quality engineering, providing numerous measurable advantages. However, with the emergence of Generative AI, we believe it presents a transformative solution to address testing challenges.  As professionals delve into GenAI, a unique persona emerges-that of the experienced beginner.

Who is an experienced beginner?

An experienced beginner is someone like me: after two decades of strong industry experience, I bring a wealth of expertise from traditional quality engineering practices, but I am completely new to the intricacies of GenAI just like a fresher. The ‘two’ (decades) is just a number now, yet this number helps me quickly better myself when evolution is needed. While I’m not a novice, I am still embarking on a learning journey to harness the power of AI in quality engineering.

The transition

GenAI is at the helm of the quality engineering ship embarking on a voyage to uncharted territories. The experienced beginner acknowledges the need for a learning curve and is willing to embrace it. The foundation is laid with the acquisition of knowledge on fundamentals of data science, Machine Learning, NLP, and other AI concepts that form the backbone of GenAI. From self-learning algorithms to adaptive testing frameworks, GenAI is poised to redefine how we approach quality assurance, promising breakthroughs that once existed only in one’s imagination.

An experienced beginner has an inherent ability to bridge the gap between traditional testing methodologies and the innovative landscape of GenAI. Drawing on their experience, they can identify areas where GenAI can be seamlessly integrated to enhance testing processes, ensuring a smooth transition without compromising on quality. They understand how to accelerate progress with speed and precision. They understand that the future of GenAI is not about replacing human expertise but amplifying it. They understand that human intelligence and AI together can unravel complex testing scenarios with collaboration and collective capabilities.

The experienced beginner understands the importance of prompts, prompt engineering, large learning models, and the use of different learning models for quality engineering and how to best leverage these concepts for the right use cases. They also know when to use traditional testing, and when to use AI or GenAI for testing.

The experienced beginner adopts an iterative approach, learning from every experiment and fine-tuning strategies based on the insights gained. This resilience becomes a driving force in adapting to the dynamic nature of AI technologies. They don’t see mistakes as setbacks but as stepping stones to progress.

The experienced beginner recognizes the need for collaboration and hence actively seeks out interactions with AI experts. This collaborative mindset fosters an environment where traditional quality engineering practices intersect with cutting-edge AI solutions, leading to innovative testing approaches.

Plotting the road ahead with constant learning and adaptation

We face a continuous journey of learning and adaptation. Presently, we are at a stage where we see an intersection of traditional technology with GenAI. For the Experienced Beginner in GenAI, the journey is ongoing. The road ahead involves a commitment to evolve and transform. It also means staying abreast of advancements in AI, attending relevant workshops, and engaging in a community of practice which are all integral parts of a professional growth trajectory.

In conclusion, the Experienced Beginner in GenAI represents a fusion of seasoned expertise and a willingness to explore the frontiers of AI. The journey is marked by a commitment to learning, a collaborative spirit, and the perseverance to overcome challenges. As GenAI continues to evolve, we experts need to evolve ourselves as we must play a pivotal role in shaping the future of quality engineering.

About the author

Senior Manager | India
Chaitali leads the Automation and GenAI COE in Sogeti Quality Engineering and Testing Practice. She has played a key role in the ideation and conceptualization of Sogeti’s GenAI Amplifier solution which is a key platform for productivity improvement of entire Software Engineering life cycle.

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