Why Understanding Corn & Beans is Important for Team Building?


I spent my professionally formative years in the heart of Silicon Valley. I moved to the Midwest of the US several years ago–what I used to think of as “fly over” states resolved into a vibrant, abundant part of the country.

Silicon Valley map

Depending on the time of year, I drive by fields being prepared for planting, or crops of corn and soybeans in full bloom, or dried plants being harvested by amazingly complex machinery.

It’s been an eye opener, to say the least.

However, in addition to the direct observations of how important the Midwest is to the US–indeed, to the world–in providing food and feed stocks, something else crept into my mind recently.

As we move forward in our careers, we understand that we must rely on others to accomplish the “big things” in front of us. We cannot do it all–and even if we could, that’s not an approach that would ever scale.

So, we hire new talent, and we build teams, and we move forward, always forward.

Seeing corn and beans and understanding the relationship is important to understand team building.

Richard Fall


I am currently the National Solution Architect, Digital Platforms and IoT for Sogeti, working from the Des Moines, Iowa office. My interests lie in the areas of micro-services, SaaS, and IoT systems.

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