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TypeScript is a new super star

Nazar Martincenco
April 03, 2023

TypeScript popularity over time

TypeScript is becoming extremely popular language. Here are some arguments of why you should start using TypeScript on your project:

  1. TypeScript is not just for large scale projects: TypeScript is often associated with big, complex applications but it can be useful for small to medium sized projects as well. The type safety and code organisation features it offers can improve code quality and maintenance, regardless of project size.
  2. TypeScript is not just for front-end development: TypeScript is a versatile language that can be used for developing both front-end and back-end applications. In fact, TypeScript can be used for developing server-side applications, desktop applications, and more.
  3. TypeScript does not limit creativity: Some developers may believe that the strict type checking in TypeScript limits their creativity, but in reality, it can actually enhance it by catching potential errors early on and providing a clearer understanding of data structures.
  4. TypeScript can improve overall code quality: By catching errors earlier in the development process, TypeScript can help improve overall code quality and prevent bugs from slipping into production. It also provides better documentation of code and reduces the amount of time spent on debugging.
  1. TypeScript is not just for JavaScript developers: While TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, it can be used by developers with experience in other programming languages as well. TypeScript’s syntax is influenced by languages like Java and C#, making it a familiar choice for developers coming from those backgrounds.
  2. TypeScript can be used with popular frameworks and libraries: TypeScript works seamlessly with popular frameworks and libraries like React, Angular, Vue, and more. This allows developers to take advantage of TypeScript’s features while still utilizing their preferred frameworks and libraries.
  3. TypeScript is constantly evolving: TypeScript is an actively maintained language, with new features and improvements being added regularly. This ensures that TypeScript stays up-to-date and relevant for developers, and continues to meet the needs of modern software development.

About the author

Software Development Lead | UK
Nazar is a software development lead in Application & Cloud Practice. In this role, he is leading full-stack software development in .Net Core, C#, NodeJs, React and Azure. His main topics of interest are digital transformation, fintech, AI and Cloud.


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